Cookie Policy

About Cookies:-
A cookie is a file that is created and stored on the visitor’s web browser (in the cookie section of web browser’s settings) when they click on someone’s affiliate link. Cookies are assigned an ID for a visitor that has clicked on someone’s affiliate link to get to a merchant website and if the visitor purchases the product from the merchant’s website within the cookie expiration date, then a conversion will happen and as a result, publisher of the affiliate link would get commission from the merchant. Basically, this allows affiliate networks to have the ability to make certain that they can determine where the sales have come from.

How do we use Cookies:-
When anyone visits our website and goes on to use deals or coupons or offers connected with our affiliate links, we earn a small commission from respective merchants/clients. For this to happen, we place a cookie in the web browser of your electronic devices (such as computers, mobiles, tablets, etc.). If you go on to purchase something, this cookie identifies you as having come from our website and thus we earn our commission. This is done to keep us going & work more enthusiastically for you to save money on every online transaction through our deals/coupons/offers.

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