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Pintola Organic Peanut Butter (Crunchy) (1kg) At ₹425.00



This is a Vegetarian product. It’s a 100% natural product with no added sugar and salt. The most unique part is that no preservative is added in the Pintola Organic Peanut Butter. You can make many quick recipes with this yummy peanut butter within a moment. Further, it tastes delicious when you have it with brown bread or even with an Indian tortilla (Roti/Chapati). Do you know the enjoyable part of this peanut butter? It is that you can eat it with your Otl meal or Salad after mixing it with the butter. Apart from this, the peanut butter is appetizing with a protein shake.


  1. Only Organic Peanuts, That’s All
  2. Unsweetened
  3. No Hydrogenated Oil
  4. Aids Weight Management
  5. For Gym Goers, Dieters & Joggers